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gain a competitive advantage

Businesses today need more effective ways to start and build relationships if they are to gain a competitive advantage. Our CRM solutions will help identify new opportunities, improve customer loyalty, enhance communication channels, manage internal processes, and share information throughout your company.

Solutions We Provide

Become more agile and responsive than your competition by leveraging a solution that allows you to provide unparalleled service and support to your network of business contacts while you capitalize on sales opportunities. Select a solution to learn more. 

Because the best solutions are those designed for specific challenges, we work closely with our clients to customize new or existing CRM environments to deliver improved workflows and processes that meet unique needs. We invest the time to understand everything that impacts your ability to run your business and then design a solution that addresses your current needs and long-term objectives. Regardless of where operational data resides – in spreadsheets, a database or an ERP system – we can create a fully personalized and integrated experience within your CRM environment.

Business today isn’t confined to traditional offices – it’s conducted in planes, trains and automobiles, and virtually around the clock – it’s 9 a.m. somewhere, after all. Mobile computing is a given, which makes mobile CRM solutions a necessity. At Lada Consulting, we can empower your users with unparalleled management tools that reduce communication delays and increase efficiency.

For companies looking to upgrade an existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, our Microsoft-certified team of professionals makes the conversion process painless, easy and effective. But what if you’re using a different product? We use proven tools that remove duplicates and cleanse data from other CRM systems, ensuring smooth data migration to your new system, minimizing the risk of data loss and ensuring a successful transition.

Because you want high performance from your system today and tomorrow, we offer comprehensive training that speeds user adoption – delivering a faster return on investment – along with flexible support programs that allow for adjustments to your CRM solution well after it’s deployed.

We are very pleased with the support Lada Consulting has provided us over the last five years. Their flexibility to work during off-hours, both on-site and remotely has helped us maximize productivity and minimize downtime for our operations.- Michelle Parker, Nitto Kohki USA
The solution they provided is scalable and allows us to respond to growth. Our uptime is significantly better and our system is very stable now. Lada Consulting is responsive and easy to work with.- Jeff Schullo, Specialty Print Communications
Since 2005, Lada Consulting has played a pivotal role in the success of our IT operations. We trust the Lada Consulting team to provide a foundation for our growth by offering unparalleled technical support, innovative solutions, and guidance to address our immediate needs and strategic goals.- Marc Lawrence, Lawrence Foods
Lada Consulting has provided me with peace of mind. The technologies they have implemented are reliable, secure, and will allow my company to grow. I can depend on them to provide me with the best, most economical solutions. Whenever I need their help, I can be assured that they will respond quickly and effectively.- Jay Simon, One Plus Corporation
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