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Organizations today have unprecedented capacity to gather and store vast amounts of data. Customer information and operational data from multiple sources are compiled with ever-increasing volume and speed, overwhelming some companies while serving as the very lifeblood for those that know how to take advantage. Successful organizations leverage data management and decision support strategies to derive value from the incredible volume of data now collected and warehoused in enterprise systems.

Solutions We Provide

Our technical expertise combined with our intimate understanding of business processes gives us the unique ability to address your company’s needs in a manner that maximizes your return on investment. We look at every angle from a business perspective first, then apply the best proven technical method to achieve your goals. Select a solution to learn more.

Having a comprehensive, well-planned data management strategy can make the difference between success and failure. But how do you know what’s right for your organization? Lada Consulting will advise you on what will benefit your company the most, based on your existing technology investments, strategic goals, internal capabilities, customer base, and budget.

Flexible ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes or products, along with a business-focused design, are the key to delivering a solid foundation for a true enterprise reporting solution. Even if the systems use different data formats, the extraction process will adhere to patterns and data structures to ensure usability and scalability. The ETL system and processes designed by Lada Consulting will help your business managers and executives gain tremendous insight into your business by bringing together essential data sources into a usable, consolidated, and homogeneous environment.

One of the issues with implementing an enterprise reporting solution within an organization is that essential information may be located on disparate systems. We help companies design and implement enterprise data warehouse solutions to overcome this challenge. Data warehouse is a generic term for a system of storing, retrieving, and managing large amounts of data. By bringing all relevant information together into one central data source, we can provide the foundation for turning data into information to help you make better decisions, faster. By implementing a data warehouse solution, planners and researchers can now freely use this information without worrying about slowing down operation of the production databases.

Gaining access to information from any source, at any time, and in any format is only the beginning. Enterprise reporting provides organizations with greater insights to: enhance cost-efficiency and productivity; build stronger customer relationships; optimize revenue-generating strategies; monitor trends; discover anomalies; and forecast business opportunities. Our solutions are designed for long-term growth to ensure performance, scalability and availability, in order to maximize the return on your investment.

The solution they provided is scalable and allows us to respond to growth. Our uptime is significantly better and our system is very stable now. Lada Consulting is responsive and easy to work with.- Jeff Schullo, Specialty Print Communications
Since 2005, Lada Consulting has played a pivotal role in the success of our IT operations. We trust the Lada Consulting team to provide a foundation for our growth by offering unparalleled technical support, innovative solutions, and guidance to address our immediate needs and strategic goals.- Marc Lawrence, Lawrence Foods
Lada Consulting has provided me with peace of mind. The technologies they have implemented are reliable, secure, and will allow my company to grow. I can depend on them to provide me with the best, most economical solutions. Whenever I need their help, I can be assured that they will respond quickly and effectively.- Jay Simon, One Plus Corporation
We are very pleased with the support Lada Consulting has provided us over the last five years. Their flexibility to work during off-hours, both on-site and remotely has helped us maximize productivity and minimize downtime for our operations.- Michelle Parker, Nitto Kohki USA
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