Proactive IT Solutions

eliminate technology-related downtime

Waiting for a problem to present itself can be costly. More than ever, downtime today can mean missed opportunities and lost business that may never be recovered. That’s why we believe the best way to solve a technology problem is to keep it from ever occurring in the first place.

Solutions We Provide

With our IT services, you’ll enjoy streamlined and enhanced IT operations and budget-friendly support solutions that maximize results without the added burden of employee expenses. Select a solution to learn more. 

At Lada Consulting, we’ll help eliminate technology-related downtime and maximize the performance of your systems and software through ongoing remote monitoring and proactive IT maintenance that includes software updates, hardware upgrades and printer set-up and repair. In addition, you’ll have access to our superior support whenever you need, allowing you to devote your company’s time, money and human capital to other critical areas of your business. We identify and eliminate issues before they escalate into problems, ensure systems are operating optimally, and reduce the risk of unforeseen outages, freeing you to run your business with the confidence that your technology systems will be there when you need them.

Protect your network and eliminate threats before they cause critical damage to your company. Our security-focused solutions are designed to provide the most effective and appropriate protection available for your systems, network, applications and information. We also can work with you to create effective and appropriate security policies to further protect your users from unforeseen risks.

We can minimize risks to your data – and thus your business itself – with technology that offers unsurpassed reliability and quick retrieval in case of an unexpected disaster. Our backup and recovery solutions can be designed specifically for your unique technological environment, helping ensure business continuity and providing the peace of mind that your critical data will remain safe, secure and accessible no matter the circumstances.

Since 2005, Lada Consulting has played a pivotal role in the success of our IT operations. We trust the Lada Consulting team to provide a foundation for our growth by offering unparalleled technical support, innovative solutions, and guidance to address our immediate needs and strategic goals.- Marc Lawrence, Lawrence Foods
Lada Consulting has provided me with peace of mind. The technologies they have implemented are reliable, secure, and will allow my company to grow. I can depend on them to provide me with the best, most economical solutions. Whenever I need their help, I can be assured that they will respond quickly and effectively.- Jay Simon, One Plus Corporation
We are very pleased with the support Lada Consulting has provided us over the last five years. Their flexibility to work during off-hours, both on-site and remotely has helped us maximize productivity and minimize downtime for our operations.- Michelle Parker, Nitto Kohki USA
The solution they provided is scalable and allows us to respond to growth. Our uptime is significantly better and our system is very stable now. Lada Consulting is responsive and easy to work with.- Jeff Schullo, Specialty Print Communications
Are you ready to eliminates headache and reduce down-time?